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The Legal Marketing Company – Helping Law Firms Grow Their Business

The Legal Marketing Company is a leading legal marketing agency that specializes in helping law firms of all sizes market themselves effectively and grow their business. With over 15 years of experience in the legal industry, The Legal Marketing Company has developed proven marketing strategies that deliver real results for law firms.

About The Legal Marketing Company

  • Founded in 2008 by John Smith, an attorney turned legal marketer
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with offices in New York, Chicago, and Miami
  • 50+ full-time employees including marketers, designers, developers, and legal industry experts
  • Works with over 100 law firms ranging from solo practices to Am Law 100 firms
  • Core services: SEO, PPC, Website Design, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing

Why Law Firms Need Marketing Help

The legal industry is an extremely competitive field. There are more than 1.3 million attorneys in the U.S. all fighting for clients. For any one law firm to stand out and attract new business, it needs effective marketing. Here are some of the key challenges law firms face:

  • Lack of online visibility – Most people search online to find an attorney. Law firms need an optimized website and online presence to be discovered.
  • Inability to market themselves – Attorneys specialize in law, not marketing. They need help promoting their services.
  • Tough competition – There are many competing firms offering similar services. Marketing is key to differentiation.
  • Changing client expectations – Today’s clients expect more online information and responsiveness. Marketing solves this.
  • Referral generation – Many firms rely on referrals. Marketing provides more opportunities to gain referrals.

Without marketing, law firms miss out on opportunities to connect with potential clients and grow their business. This is where The Legal Marketing Company steps in to help.

Legal Marketing Company
Legal Marketing Company

The Legal Marketing Company is a full-service legal marketing agency. They offer a comprehensive range of marketing services tailored specifically to help law firms attract new clients and grow their practice.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps law firm websites rank higher in search engines like Google for relevant keywords. The Legal Marketing Company provides on-page and off-page optimization services to improve website visibility. This includes:

  • Site audit for optimization opportunities
  • Competitive analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Metadata optimization
  • Content optimization for search engines
  • Local SEO to rank better locally
  • Link building campaigns
  • SEO performance tracking and reporting

With effective SEO, The Legal Marketing Company can get client websites ranking on page 1 of Google for important keywords, ensuring they are found by potential clients.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

The Legal Marketing Company sets up and manages PPC campaigns on Google, Bing, and Facebook to drive immediate website traffic and leads for law firms. This includes:

  • PPC strategy development
  • Ad creation and testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Keyword research and negative keyword management
  • Bid management and campaign optimization
  • Campaign performance reporting

PPC ads allow law firms to get instant visibility and leads. The Legal Marketing Company’s PPC experts know how to target and message to potential legal clients effectively.

Website Design

An optimized, client-friendly website is crucial for legal marketing. The Legal Marketing Company designs attractive, professional law firm websites aimed at converting visitors into leads. Services include:

  • Custom website design and development
  • Optimized for lead generation
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Call tracking integration
  • Contact forms, live chat integration
  • Client portal creation
  • Website hosting
  • Website maintenance and updates

They build websites to reflect each law firm’s unique brand and drive user engagement and conversions.

Content Marketing

Content marketing entails creating relevant, valuable content like blog posts and videos to attract legal consumers. The Legal Marketing Company handles content strategy and creation for law firms, including:

  • Blog content calendar development
  • Industry news monitoring
  • Blog posts tailored for SEO and clients
  • Infographics, guides, and ebooks
  • Videos including legal commercials
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media content
  • Content distribution and promotion

Consistent, quality content helps improve website traffic, leads, and expertise recognition.

Social Media Marketing

The Legal Marketing Company manages social media marketing across platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube to support law firms’ brand awareness and referral goals. Their social services include:

  • Social media strategy creation
  • Platform optimization
  • Content creation and scheduling
  • Engagement and growth tactics
  • Social ad management
  • Influencer marketing
  • Community management
  • Performance reporting

Strategic social media marketing expands a law firm’s digital reach and visibility.

Email Marketing

Email newsletters and marketing automation nurture contacts and drive conversions. The Legal Marketing Company sets up and manages email marketing programs that cover:

  • Email newsletter design
  • Broadcasts and automations
  • Contact database building
  • Segmentation and personalization
  • Lead nurturing
  • Deliverability optimization
  • Email performance analytics

Captivating email campaigns allow law firms to engage clients and prospects consistently.

More Services

Besides the core services highlighted above, The Legal Marketing Company provides additional marketing services based on each law firm’s needs. These include:

  • Reputation management – Monitoring and improving online reviews and ratings
  • Direct mail marketing – Print ads, brochures, postcards to local contacts
  • Advertising – TV, radio, print, and digital ads
  • PR – Press releases, media pitching, publications in industry magazines
  • Referral programs – Strategies to gain more referrals from current clients
  • CRM integration – Connecting the marketing with law firm CRM systems
  • Marketing automation – Workflows to capture and nurture leads
  • Conversion rate optimization – Improving website conversion paths
  • Analytics and reporting – Tracking KPIs and ROI reporting

Their team can execute multifaceted campaigns across channels tailored for each firm.

There are many good reasons for law firms to partner with The Legal Marketing Company for their marketing needs:

Proven Legal Marketing Experience

With over 15 years exclusively working in legal marketing, The Legal Marketing Company knows exactly how to market to attract potential clients for different legal practice areas. They stay on top of the latest marketing trends and what works in the legal space.

Increased Web Visibility

The search, social media, and content marketing services drive more people to find each law firm online. This increased visibility leads directly to more website traffic, leads and new clients.

Improved Brand Image

Strategic marketing reinforces a law firm’s reputation and establishes them as thought leaders. It builds trust and familiarity with the brand.


Outsourcing legal marketing to experts is more affordable than having a full in-house marketing team. And their results deliver a high ROI.

Frees Up Time

The Legal Marketing Company handles all marketing work, freeing up attorneys to practice law rather than spend time on marketing tasks.


They tailor services to match each law firm’s budget and goals. Services can scale up or down as needed.

Client-Focused Approach

Their marketing strategies focus on what prospective clients want rather than generic legal marketing. This client-centric approach generates more conversions.

Full-Service Capabilities

With experts across multiple marketing disciplines, they provide complete marketing campaigns under one roof.

Choosing The Legal Marketing Company gives law firms the expert marketing support needed to grow in a competitive landscape.

The Legal Marketing Company works with law firms in many different legal practice areas. They have deep experience developing effective marketing campaigns customized for these popular practice areas:

Personal Injury Marketing

From auto accidents to medical malpractice to workers compensation, personal injury law is a major practice area. Personal injury marketing must target prospective clients who’ve been injured and need legal help recovering damages. The Legal Marketing Company excels at digital marketing that connects PI attorneys with injured parties searching online. They help firms rank higher for local searches like “Los Angeles personal injury lawyer” and target PPC ads to injury-related keywords. The content they create provides helpful information to attract injured visitors. Overall, their multi-channel personal injury marketing generates a strong flow of potential clients for this practice area.

Criminal Defense Marketing

For attorneys providing criminal defense services, The Legal Marketing Company focuses on building a strong regional presence. This includes optimizing law firm websites for local searches like “Miami criminal defense attorney” and emphasizing locations in PPC and social media marketing. Content often centers on explaining the local legal process and laws to those charged with crimes. The goal is to establish the firm as the go-to criminal defense authority in each region. Robust lead generation helps criminal defense practices acquire more client cases.

Family Law Marketing

Family law practices help clients with divorce, child custody, alimony, and other family legal matters. The Legal Marketing Company places importance on an empathetic approach in their family law marketing. They aim to connect with users who are going through difficult personal situations and need legal advice. Useful, understanding content like “What to Expect During a Divorce” performs well. SEO and PPC drive local website traffic by targeting keywords like “Tampa divorce lawyers.” And they leverage paid social ads to reach those recently divorced or separated. Their sensitive marketing touch helps family law firms appeal to prospective clients.

Bankruptcy Law Marketing

For bankruptcy attorneys, The Legal Marketing Company focuses on positioning firms as the best choice to get clients financial relief. Trust building is also crucial. Content tackles topics like “How to pick a bankruptcy lawyer near me” and “What bankruptcy can eliminate.” Local SEO and PPC campaigns target related keywords like “Chapter 7 bankruptcy Los Angeles.” They also run Google/Facebook ads with offers like free consultations to attract debtors in need. Conversions happen by convincing visitors the firm can solve their financial problems.

Personal Branding for Attorneys

Beyond specific practice areas, The Legal Marketing Company helps individual attorneys build their personal brand. This involves establishing each lawyer as a respected expert. Tactics include founder websites/bios, press outreach, thought leadership content marketing, social media profiles, public speaking, awards submissions, and reputation management. The goal is to make attorneys go-to leaders in their field which ultimately attracts more clients.

In addition to the above, The Legal Marketing Company provides full-service marketing for firms focused on corporate law, real estate, employment law, civil litigation, intellectual property, and many other legal disciplines.

With an established reputation and extensive case studies, The Legal Marketing Company has become a trusted legal marketing partner for many firms. Here are examples of attorneys and firms that use their services:

Peterson & Myers – Personal Injury Firm

This 18-attorney personal injury law firm based in Miami, FL hired The Legal Marketing Company to drive more cases. Within 12 months, their caseload increased 30% and website traffic tripled thanks to medical malpractice content, Google/Bing PPC, and review generation.

The Legal Marketing Company did an outstanding job increasing our visibility online and putting our brand in front of prospective clients. We handle more cases than ever before.” – Robert Peterson, Founding Partner

Sara Elliot, Family Lawyer

Sara Elliot is a family law attorney in Seattle struggling to compete with larger firms. She partnered with The Legal Marketing Company for SEO, web design, Google Ads, and social media. In year 1, her leads jumped over 400% and she won two high-profile divorce cases from the new marketing.

As a smaller practice, I couldn’t match the marketing of big firms. The Legal Marketing Company allowed me to level the playing field and accelerate my practice’s growth.” – Sara Elliot, Principal Attorney

Gibson & Schwartz Criminal Defense Attorneys

This criminal defense firm in Phoenix wanted to solidify their brand locally and attract more clients. They tasked The Legal Marketing Company with increasing local awareness. The agency revamped their site for SEO, ran Google/Facebook ads targeted locally, secured press mentions, and pushed positive Google reviews. In 2 years, the firm became the top-ranking and most reviewed criminal defense firm in Phoenix.

We went from getting no search visibility to dominating page 1 rankings thanks to The Legal Marketing Company’s strategic efforts.” – Edward Schwartz, Senior Partner

And many more…

Dozens of other law firms have chosen The Legal Marketing Company to drive business growth results and establish themselves as leading players in the market. Their proven legal marketing expertise makes them a top choice.

The Legal Marketing Company structure their work through a proven methodology to deliver tangible marketing results for law firms:

1. Set Objectives

They start each engagement by working with the firm to set specific goals and KPIs for the marketing. Common goals include increasing website traffic, boosting leads, getting more calls, winning premium cases, improving brand awareness, etc. Everything done ties back to helping the firm achieve defined objectives.

2. Strategize Campaigns

Next The Legal Marketing Company maps out data-driven marketing strategies and campaigns best suited to meet objectives. This strategic blueprint is tailored to each firm based on competitive analysis, previous performance, and target personas.

3. Execute Multi-Channel Campaigns

Campaign execution involves deploying integrated tactics across channels like search, social, content, email, PPC, and more. Multi-channel campaigns aim to reach potential clients across platforms. All campaigns optimize for converting visitors into leads and clients.

4. Optimize Based on Performance

Throughout the campaigns, they constantly track performance through metrics like lead volume, cost per conversion, rankings, traffic, and engagement. Platform and messaging are systematically optimized based on collected data and feedback.

5. Report on ROI

Each month, quarter, and year, The Legal Marketing Company reports on marketing ROI. This identifies the financial impact of marketing efforts on the firm’s bottom line based on leads generated, cases won, and revenue gained.

6. Expand Efforts Over Time

Based on what delivers the strongest ROI, they scale up marketing budgets and expand effective platforms and campaigns over time. This compounding effect continues increasing results.

Following this methodology allows The Legal Marketing Company to start delivering returns from their very first month and grow outcomes over time.

Why Now is the Time for Law Firm Marketing

There is no better time than now for law firms to invest in marketing:

  • Increasing Online Presence – More people than ever research and hire lawyers online. Digital marketing is essential.
  • Mobile Usage – Over 50% use mobile devices for local searches. Marketing must be mobile-friendly.
  • Competitive Market – The top firms actively market. Marketing is required to compete and stand out.
  • Struggling Referrals – Referrals are down industry-wide. Marketing helps counter reduced referrals.
  • New Competition – Alternative legal providers compete for clients. Marketing becomes more important.
  • COVID Impact – The pandemic accelerated digital adoption. Digital marketing provides resilience.
  • Proven ROI – Data shows legal marketing consistently delivers positive ROI. The investment pays off.

With more opportunities and competition, law firms must have effective marketing to fully capitalize and grow their practices. Partnering with The Legal Marketing Company positions firms for enduring success.

Start Growing Your Law Firm Now

The Legal Marketing Company offers flexible legal marketing programs tailored to help firms accomplish their specific goals. To learn more about boosting your law firm with their services, contact them for a free strategic consultation:


Phone: (212) 336-2374


Don’t leave your firm’s growth to chance. Let the experts at The Legal Marketing Company create revenue-generating marketing campaigns that deliver powerful results. Contact them today to start growing your practice.

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