Stickman Archer online Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


Stickman Archer is an action PvP battle game where you can fight with other stickmen and prove you're the best. Enter a world of stickman and discover all the easter eggs. Use different bows and arrows, improve your skills and win every duel. Become the champion and prove that you're the great archer.
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Jul 18, 2023
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Stickman Archer online Mod Apk 1.13.3 (Unlimited Money) for Android

APP INFO: Stickman Archer online Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 157 MB
Version v1.13.3
Requires Android 5.0
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Stickman Archer online Introduction

Stickman Archer online is an action-packed PvP war game in which you may compete with other stickmen to see who is the greatest. Find all of the easter eggs in the Stickman realm.Use various bows and arrows to improve your skills and win each battle.Become the champion and demonstrate your prowess as an archer.
Make improvements to your bow, arrows, quiver, and shield. Unlock new arrows as well as new abilities and effects. To make your stickman persona stand out, use a variety of caps, masks, haircuts, beards, and animations. Unlock new Stickman’s Flag stickers. Create your bowman and demonstrate how it should be done.

Stickman Archer online Mod
Stickman Archer online Mod

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Stickman Archer online Game Feature

Take part in Army battles.

Stickman Archer Online has users accompanying a stick man avatar, and your duty is simple: use a bow to strike opponents from a great distance. Simultaneously, each character has a life bar and a set armor coefficient, so players will figure out a means to divide the opponent’s health bar by the amount of bows they have.It will be an exciting encounter since two players may miss.

The player will be transported to a 2D world where they will be aware of their opponent’s location, and there will be environmental variables at work. Unimportant targets will specifically obstruct your attack route, preventing your strikes from reaching your opponent. Furthermore, you must pay attention to the direction of the wind, which is indicated by one of the two arrows on the screen. After a few shots, you’ll undoubtedly need to decide which direction to fire.
Stickman Archer on the internet

Use your arrows to kill your opposition.

Stickman Archer Online has an intriguing feature in that the character may be outfitted with armor. When it is your turn, you can readily observe the motion of throwing aside the shield you are holding and concentrating on attacking. Also, when the arrow strikes the shield, the damage you suffer is reduced, but you shouldn’t rely on it. When you take enough damage and your armor is lowered to zero, your shield is shattered.

Before making an attack, the player may also view the arrow choices. Cactus arrows, fire arrows, laser arrows, and many more arrows may be found. Furthermore, these arrows all have wholly unique effects that you can’t ignore, such as laser arrows that cause damage in a restricted region rather than striking the target. When these two components come into contact, the target will be burned.

When you take a shot, keep an eye out for the green lines that emerge, since these lines represent the angle of the previous shot. You don’t need to use another angle and move your angle to meet the green line if the previous photo was true to the character. You must maintain this line since it will overlap after each shot, and this is the deciding element in helping players win.
Stickman Archer on the internet


When you play Stickman Archer Online, you will see that you may continue to unlock arrows with different effects. That is what attracts players, and they will take the time to learn things like the number of arrows that can be used in a battle and the damage done.Also, save for the elemental wooden arrows, all arrows have a limited number of uses, so you’ll have to make the most of what you have.

Players will discover the quantity of arrows they may bring into the contest, which requires them to make the correct decisions. At the same time, winning matches might offer you several awards and the resources you need to enhance your arrows. The insights section will provide the information you want, and the efficiency of each arrow will undoubtedly grow with time.

Stickman Archer online Mod Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • Ads

Visual and sound quality


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People Also Ask (FAQs)

Q. How can I receive free, unlimited money in the Lumber Stickman Archer Online Apk?

To acquire infinite money in Lumber Inc. Apk, you must download the mod version of the game since you do not need to finish any levels or purchase any cash buckets in this edition.

Q: Can Stickman Archer Online Mod Apk be played offline?

Yes, you may play Stickman Archer Online Mod Apk without an Internet connection and use all of its features. However, if you purchase premium features, you must have a solid connection.



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