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Unleash your shadow knight out of the shadow war by fighting against hordes of monsters and defeating them all. The cool Ninja Game - fighting game with shadow fighting style is waiting for you to explore. Be a fighter and fight the shadow war if you want to be the Legends of Shadow!
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Jun 23, 2023
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Shadow Knight Mod Apk 3.18.28 (Unlimited Money) Android

APP INFO: Shadow Knight Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 179 MB
Version 3.18.28
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Shadow Knight Mod Apk puts you right in the middle of an epic world full of monsters, heroes, and amazing things to do. Have fun with the action game that will get you hooked and take you on amazing adventures as the Shadow Knights. To bring peace to the world, you must defeat monsters, devils, and the immortals of darkness.

Have fun diving into the game’s seemingly endless actions and stories, which will keep you hooked on the experiences. Enjoy the class shadow fighting mechanics, which give you a great way to play and some amazing things to do in-game. In Shadow Knight, there are many ways to give your heroes more power, fight interesting monsters, and make the most of your adventures.

Find out more about this fun game from Fansipan Limited by reading our in-depth reviews.


In Shadow Knight Mod Apk Android users can explore the amazing world of Harmonia, where people of all different races live together in peace. But one day, the forces of Darkness came up from the depths of hell and started fighting against the world without stopping. As darkness slowly takes over the land, it’s up to you, the Shadow Knight, who was given great powers and responsibilities, to defeat the monsters and send them back to where they belong. You’ll face nasty monsters, huge bosses, and some of the best action challenges ever.

Engage in the exciting side-scrolling action gameplay with its unique shadow elements, in which the characters and monsters are only shadow figures with no colors. You can avoid and kill the monsters of hells by moving quickly and using your many powerful attack moves. Enjoy the fun action parts with smooth movements and interesting physics in the game. Move through different levels and prepare for many challenges to come.

Hack-and-slash actions are fun and easy to get hooked on. Explore the game’s powerful and interesting stories, which will hold your full attention. Use a lot of different weapons and items to make the game even more fun. Unlock new skills and powers for your heroes to get the most out of their abilities. We could keep going.


Here is a list of all the fun things the game has to offer:

Touch controls that are easy to use

Shadow Knight touch controls are simple and easy to use, so Android users won’t have any trouble getting into the great action gameplay right away. Here, you can use the easy-to-use virtual touch analog to move your characters around the scenes with comfort. Use the touch buttons to get your attack orders and skills that you have powered up to work well.

Hack-and-slash games that are fun to play

Shadow Knight has elements of hack-and-slash gameplay, which is a popular way to play action games, to make sure you can enjoy action games even more. This lets gamers enjoy a much more free and satisfying action adventure. Have fun jumping, climbing, and running on different types of terrain and in different environments. Unlock powerful attacks like hits, smashes, slides, and more to use against enemies.

Stories that will keep you interested

And if you’re interested, you can now get more involved in Shadow Knight’s interesting stories. Players can now freely explore their adventure towns, forests, dungeons, and many other places, each of which has its own challenges and quests to find. At the same time, powerful monsters like zombies, skeletons, orcs, and other undead creatures with different ways to fight will improve your actions in the game.

Awesome tools and weapons to use

Shadow Knight for Android now lets players use special weapons on their heroes, which makes the game more fun. You can collect dozens of different types of weapons, each of which has its own powers and way of fighting. So, you can always change your fighting style in the game and keep having fun with this great mobile game. And most importantly, if you can get the legendary weapons, your characters will get a lot stronger for sure.

Amazing missions that are fun to play

Throughout the game, Android players will take on a number of epic missions, each of which will give them a different experience. Here, gamers can choose from a wide range of quests in which they must fight multiple enemies with different abilities and ways of fighting. Plunge into different levels with different goals and more than 100 different achievements to earn. If you can get through the challenges, you’ll get special items like gems, energy, keys, and more.

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There are many heroes with different powers.

Here in Shadow Knight, Android users will be able to play with a variety of heroes, each of which has its own special powers and skills. You can pick any of your favorite heroes, take them into battles, level them up, and give them all kinds of special abilities as they reach the top of their game.
Bosses with unique powers who are very strong

At the same time, Shadow Knight has classic bosses at the end of each level, along with the exciting missions. Here, players will fight against a wide range of different enemies, each of which has its own powers and skills. Feel free to use your different strategies and tactics in the game to get more out of the experiences.

Gameplay that keeps you busy while you wait

And unlike many other action games where you have to be there to make progress, Shadow Knight can still improve itself while you’re away by letting the heroes train, fight monsters, and gather resources. Just go back to get your rewards and play the game the way you used to whenever you want.

Enjoy the action game even when you’re not online.

And while we’re talking about that, Shadow Knight will make sure that Android gamers can get the most out of their action games by letting them play offline and letting them play in any order. Just play the exciting action game on your mobile device whenever and wherever you want. You don’t have to find a Wi-Fi network or turn on your mobile data just to play the game.

Playing is free.

Even though the game has a lot of fun features, it is still free for all Android users to play on their phones. So, if you’re interested, you can easily get it from the Google Play Store for free.

You can play our changed version of the game.

At the same time, our changed version of the game will definitely make Android gamers much more interested in Shadow Knight. Here, you can play with no limits on money, no ads, and useful mods that make the game better. All you have to do is download the Shadow Knight Mod APK and then follow the instructions. Have fun hacking and slashing your way through the game without any problems.

Quality of sight and sound


Like the classic Shadow Fight 3, Shadow Knight will have amazing shadow graphics that add to the game’s great gameplay. Since all the characters and monsters are shown as shadow spirits, you can get even more into the fights with stunning skill moves, realistic physics, natural animations, and powerful visual effects. All of these things should let you get the most out of the action-adventure game.

Noise and music

Shadow Knight has great graphics, but it also has great sound effects that keep you even more interested in this great mobile game. Have fun exploring the fun mobile game while listening to the strong music that fits the theme. Plus, the realistic and responsive sound effects will make sure you get the most out of the powerful fights.

Download Shadow Knight Mod Apk and install “The Steps”

First, you must uninstall the Shadow Knight Play store version (if you installed it).

Then, download our go Shadow Knight Mod Apk from our website.

Then hit the download button and download it. After downloading, you must find the file and install our Shadow Knight Mod Apk.

Pay Attention: you must enable “Unknown Sources” (see screenshot below) to install Mod Apk outside the Play store.

Shadow Knight

After installing, launch and enjoy the Our Mod.

Please tell your family and friends about this.

Is it safe to download and install Shadow Knight Mod Apk from our website?

This Shadow Knight Hack Apk is 100% safe and easy to use because this mod was verified by our team and our anti-malware system and no viruses or malware were detected. This antivirus system includes ALO (an American web portal and online service provider based in New York City), Active Virus Shield,Avast,Clam AntiVirus System, and many more. Our Anti-Malware System filters Mod Apk and categorizes them using our framework. Therefore, this application is 100% safe and easy to install on our website.

Last things to say

Shadow Knight Mod Apk 2D side-scrolling action is simple but very fun, and the game’s story is a great example of how well it can be told. Android gamers can all enjoy playing this great mobile game on their devices. Have fun exploring the huge game levels, which are filled with different missions and ways to play. Unlock different heroes with a variety of skills and powers. You should be able to use a wide range of different weapons to enjoy the action in different ways. And always use our modded game to get the most out of the exciting action game.



What's new

-Improve tutorial
-Fixed some bugs

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