Retro Garage Mod Apk 2.10.1 (Unlimited Money)


Become a car mechanic and repair retro cars of the USSR! Look for damaged parts, order new ones, or try to fix it yourself.
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Dec 28, 2022
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Retro Garage Mod Apk 2.10.1 (Unlimited Money) For Android

APP INFO: Retro Garage Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 70MB
Version v2.10.1
Requires Android 5.0
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The demise of the Soviet Union left many things to be desired, one of which is the magnificent vintage vehicles that are seldom seen anymore. So, for those of you who are interested, you can now play Old Garage, an amazing mobile title in which you may become a mechanic and help repair up magnificent retro USSR automobiles. Make a living doing what you love with these incredible vehicles.

Retro Garage introduces you to numerous wonderful vehicles from the previous century as you explore the realistic gameplay of garage simulation and racing. Enjoy working with the gorgeous automobiles that the brilliant Soviet engineers and mechanics created and constructed. Make an attempt to repair your vintage automobiles and take them on amazing trips.

With our in-depth reviews, you can learn more about this intriguing game from First Step Games and all of its outstanding features.


In Retro Garage, Android players may go back in time and experience life as a Soviet vehicle mechanic. Begin your own garage company and ensure that your Soviet clients are always satisfied with your job. Enjoy enjoyable and peaceful vintage auto maintenance and racing gameplay in which you can interact with unique USSR cars from the 1950s to the 1990s.

In Retro Garage, where you may study everything about autos, you have full access to genuine car interior and exterior combinations. Explore the numerous unique and intriguing automobile management tasks as you repair, tune, and pimp your cars. In the game, you may take on a variety of unique repair, tuning, customization, and even racing tasks. The realistic gameplay and expansive aspects should enable mobile players to fully experience Retro Garage.

Retro Garage Mod Apk
Retro Garage Mod Apk

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Simple mechanics and enjoyable gameplay

To begin, mobile players may enjoy the easy gameplay of vehicle mechanics and racing in Retro Garage, in which the game allows you to experience daily activities in your garages. Simply accept or reject assignments, work on various automobiles utilizing the simple repair choices, and enjoy engaging with the whole vehicle while you’re in the game. At the same time, after you accomplish your duty in the garage, you have the option to tour the city, which will undoubtedly make the game more enjoyable.

Garage simulation that is both realistic and accurate

For those who are interested, Retro Garage now offers realistic and accurate garage simulation gameplay, in which the game teaches all vital components of your everyday job as a mechanic. Accept tasks from desperate Soviet drivers who are experiencing problems with their damaged automobiles or would want to have them updated and adjusted to their specifications. Manage your storage and make renovations to enhance your garages and prepare you for more difficult projects. And feel free to visit the city to unwind after a long day at work, as you discover many more entertaining and engaging aspects in the realistic simulation title.

Have complete access to the inside and outside of the vehicle.

Feel free to utilize the realistic and detailed 3D models of your automobiles in the repair and modify menu, where the game gives players full access to the body, chassis, and engine. The game allows you to examine the vehicle’s outside and interior in great detail by using 3D models and a 3D environment. Feel free to rotate, zoom, and pick which components need to be repaired, changed, or improved so that you may repair and tune your autos easily. The realistic components and in-game mechanics will make the game an excellent choice for car fans.

There are several difficulties to work on.

Here in Retro Garage Hack Apk, mobile gamers will be challenged by a variety of auto mechanic professions in which they will learn to mend vehicles with various issues and discover unique upgrades that they may have on each vehicle. Simply do your assignments, study the various automobile mechanics, enjoy the unique in-game obstacles, and you’ll be able to earn your special prizes in the game.

If necessary, do inspections to diagnosis your automobiles.

If you’re curious, you can now perform inspections to diagnose your car if you’re having difficulty recognizing its faults. Retro Garage players will need to be totally attentive to the cars as well as equally imaginative in order to handle its specific challenges, depending on the assignments.

Look around the museum for interesting antique autos.

After completing your daily tasks in the garage, particularly for Retro Garage’s automotive aficionados, you may now tour the in-game museum, which offers many excellent antique automobiles that you can have fun working with. Feel free to visit the museum and look at the magnificent displays of outstanding vintage automobiles from the USSR’s 1950s to 1990s. View them in realistic 3D models and explore their interiors anytime you wish.

Pick up bargains to increase your earnings.

At the same time, Retro Garage players may freely roam the city in search of great automobile offers. Go to the Junkyard to seek for old abandoned automobiles, or find strange bargains that keep showing up on the map. Pick up the specific car and return it to your garage, where you may enjoy examining, fixing, and pimping your automobiles as you see fit. Utilize specific modifications and tuning choices to transform outdated automobiles into powerful and competent machines. You may then opt to sell the specific cars and earn a large sum of money, or you can take them on epic throwback races and compete against other retro racers.

Enjoy dramatic races with your vintage vehicles.

And speaking of which, Vintage Garage players may now enjoy their wonderful races against other retro drivers, as they show off their most magnificent automobiles in the addicting drag races, to make the game more intriguing. Simply pick up the random races that occur on the map. Join the Autodrome for a variety of interesting competitions and incredible prizes. Upgrade and tune your bikes to maximize their performance and win the in-game challenges.

Keep your greatest vehicles in the garage.

All of the top automobiles in Retro Garage can now be found in the garage where mobile players keep and display their favorite Soviet vehicles. Simply return to the game to visit your garage and test drive your favorite rides. Or go inside the garage to find the greatest vehicles and race them in spectacular races. Only your greatest vehicles will be shown in Retro Garage. And you may easily enlarge the garage to store additional vehicles.

Have fun playing in a variety of unusual automobiles.

The game will ensure that you always have ultimate enjoyment while partaking in the addicting garage simulation and racing action, with a vast assortment of diverse automobiles that can match the likes of Car Mechanic Simulator 21 and Car Parking Multiplayer. You’ll get access to a variety of automobile types with distinctive designs and exciting maintenance projects. Take on epic races with one-of-a-kind vintage automobiles, each of which allows you to experience the drag racing difficulties in a new way. The list goes on and on.

Available in a variety of languages

For those who are interested, the game is now available in English, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and other languages, making the mobile title far more accessible. To play, just enter the game and pick your favorite language settings.

Enjoy the game whether or not you have access to the Internet.

Retro Garage players may enjoy the garage simulation action with or without the Internet to make the game more engaging. Many of the free game’s offline features are available here, allowing you to enjoy your duties in the garages or racing challenges totally offline. Furthermore, you may utilize the cloud saving tools to sync your in-game progress with the internet storage, allowing you to return to previous saves even while playing on various devices or having the game erased.

It’s completely free to play.

For those who are interested, the free version of Retro Garage is now available on the Google Play Store, where it should be accessible for all Android players to enjoy. In this case, the free game allows you to experience many of its features without paying anything. Keep in mind that the freemium title will still include advertisements and in-app purchases.

Retro Garage Mod Feature

  • Unlimited Money
  • No Ads

Get free access to our great mod.

In that vein, if you’re interested in the game but don’t want to watch advertising or pay for in-game purchases, you may want to check out the modified version of Retro Garage on our website instead. We provide the hacked software with limitless in-game money and no adverts, enabling you to take use of all of its features without having to spend anything. All you have to do is download the Retro Garage Mod APK and then follow the instructions to install it.

Visual and audio quality


Retro Garage Mod Apk, with its stunning 3D visuals, brings Android players to the exciting gameplay of retro garage simulation and drag racing. You now have access to realistic and fully interactive 3D models of iconic USSR automobiles from earlier eras. Take them on spectacular drag racing challenges with realistic animations, driving mechanics, and amazing visual effects.

Music and sound

Simultaneously, immerse yourself in the epic races while listening to tremendous engine noises and audio effects. Furthermore, the realistic audio effects will undoubtedly make your garage work more fascinating.

Last thoughts

Prepare to enter the fantastic world of 3D vintage USSR automobiles from the 1950s to the 1990s, where you can discover the greatest automotive models created by the conveyor belts of various Soviet car companies. Return to the good old days of freely repairing, tuning, customizing, and pimping your bikes at the mechanic. You may also drag race your bikes anytime you want.


What's new

+ Added the first truck - ZIL-130 with ZIL-508 engine
+ Added the first inline 6-cylinder engine M20 for foreign cars
+ Added premium rewards for orders in the workshop
+ In the store you can now buy rare parts and parts for foreign cars
+ Added swaps for ZAZ-968 and LUAZ-969
+ Added localizations for Serbian and Indonesian languages
+ Minor bugs fixed

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