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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mod Apk 1.2 (Full Game, Mod Menu)

APP INFO: Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mod Apk
MOD Features Full Game, Mod Menu
Category Mod Games
Size 979 MB
Version v1.2
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Using tricks akin to magic hands, the second horror action-adventure investigates the ruins of a toy factory.

In Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mod Apk, the protagonist uses a backpack with a magic hand called a “GrabPack” to explore the ruins of a toy factory. It follows Chapter 1 chronologically and is said to be a direct continuation of “Poppy Playtime Chapter 1” in Chapter 2. The main character is, of course, the same as in number 1. The cleaner, nevertheless, is brand-new! The main character now battles Mommy Long Legs, a pink doll with extended limbs, after defeating the giant blue doll HuggyWuggy in Chapter 1. You can already taste the terror and superior puzzles!

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mod Apk

Investigate with magic hands! Close the case and move on.

Use GrabPack to aim the hand at the desired location and observe the behavior. The player’s (the main character’s) goal is to investigate the manufacturing ruins, discover the truth behind an employee’s disappearance, and escape. The inside of the factory, however, is divided by puzzle-like gimmicks, and you cannot progress until you answer the enigma. The weapon for solving the gimmick is a backpack with a magic hand called

Tap the billmark button to shoot each one. Any controllable object touched by the free magic hand will be fixed. Even after being repaired, the main character can only go as far as the wire of the magical hand allows. You can move an object while tugging on it if it is light, like cardboard or a stepladder.

Once the riddle has been resolved, you should keep in mind that “GrabPack” also has electricity. By contacting the power source with one hand, you may send electricity to the other hand. The key to unlocking the puzzle is utilizing electricity to operate the machinery in the toy factory.

Playing the earlier work is practically necessary! Stage 2 as opposed to a chapter

This is the case since sequels frequently share the same storyline, narrator, and main character as the original work, despite the fact that it has already been published as a book. In other words, the first work and the sequel are separate pieces of art. This work’s first and second episodes are combined into a single title. Playing from episode 2 is comparable to starting to watch a serial drama in the middle.What’s happening, why the main person is here, or why he has a “GrabPack” are all mysteries to me.”

Therefore, I highly suggest starting with Poppy Playtime Chapter 1 if you want to play. Even those who have seen the previous work should play from it if someone has forgotten much of the plot. By the way, you can play the old smartphone version for roughly half the cost of this job. The total cost will be roughly 1,000 yen with this work.

On the other hand, the first work is free, and Chapter 2 costs a little under 1000 yen in the PC edition. There isn’t much of a pricing difference between the PC and smartphone versions if you play consistently. Since this work isn’t overly action-packed, you can play it comfortably on a smartphone. So, if you want to play lazily while traveling or in bed, we recommend the smartphone version!

The horror and puzzles are more challenging than the first work.

The initial work’s contents are drawn, but they are not described. If you do, I advise replaying. The target audience for this work is people who have finished Chapter 1 in full. Because of this, even if you begin this work, you are unsure of what it is. On the other hand, there is the benefit that individuals who have done the preceding task before do not have to repeat it.

Yes… This piece’s exploration of terror and mystery is in no way a repeat of the earlier work. It has been improved based on the prior effort!

Lord GrabPack! voluminous puzzles

It’s challenging to unravel the riddle right away after the play has begun! That ought to do it. Humans who have finished Chapter 1 are eligible for this work. In other words, this work progresses in difficulty starting with Chapter 1 and increasing throughout. This is why it could seem too challenging if you forget what Chapter 1 is about. However, if we maintain the same amount of mystery as Chapter 1’s opening, those who remember it will conclude that it is “too easy” and “simply repeating the same thing.”

These factors led me to believe that this difficulty level was reasonable. You should feel that the difficulty is appropriate and chewy if you play and remember Chapter 1!

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Unsettling horror strikes! Long legs, Mom

Huggy Wuggy, the critter that made an appearance in the preceding piece, had a rather simple phobia. killed by a powerful, aggressive force! direct fright On the other side, Mommy Long Legs in this piece believes it to be both gross and frightening. After all, the stretched arms and legs move in a circular motion. Yes, it’s disgusting. The fact that they don’t murder each other when they first encounter each other also causes a peculiar revulsion. Of course it’s frightful to be attacked by someone who threatens to kill you!

The fact that the main character in “Grab Pack” loses his left hand early on in the production also gives the piece a fresh air of dread. I worry that the gimmick, which could be considered this work’s only weapon, may fall short. Due to such cleverness, I think it’s fantastic that this work never feels like a simple duplication of the last one, even in terms of horror.


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