Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK 11.19 (Unlimited Money)


Welcome to the world of RPG-based Monster Hero Breaker game!
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Jan 25, 2023
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Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK 11.19 (Unlimited Money)

APP INFO: Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 81 MB
Version v11.19
Requires Android 5.0
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Monster Breaker Hero is a unique RPG that combines a simple adventure idea with the brick breaker to give players a lot of new things to do. Also, the brickbreaker is new, so it will always give players more challenges or problems to solve so that they can always have the best time. They can also make up their own stories and find lots of friendly and strong heroes to help them along the way.


In Monster Breaker Hero, the player will travel through many different and interesting lands that are typical of a fantasy world. Each has its own levels or levels of difficulty for the player to beat, and each has its own monsters and structures. The best thing about this style of world design is that it always gives players a lot to do and a lot of time to relax.

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Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK

Releasing Gameplay with Creative Mechanisms

The game is mostly about breaking bricks, which is a fun way to relax and pass the time on many different but simple levels. At the same time, players have to aim well and fire at the weak spots of the enemy formation to destroy it from the inside out. The player’s attack power or the speed of the level will also gradually increase based on how much damage they have done to the enemy’s solid defense.

Collect the power-ups for a great view.

When the player kills an enemy, it might drop a power-up that makes the attacking formations stronger. Monster Breaker Hero will have a lot of cool power-ups that will do cool things when players get them at the right times. All power-ups, of course, stack and last until the battle is over, which makes the player’s pace or excitement go through the roof.

Collect various heroes for a powerful roster.

Heroes are strong people with a variety of amazing skills that players can collect and add to their attack line. This includes improving their skills or giving them access to new ones as they move through different stages or progressions. During special events, many new heroes will show up, and players will have more ideas for how to build the most powerful offensive forces for many different campaigns.

New game modes that are more fun

Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK extra game modes are creatively made to give everyone moments of the best fun. Not only that, but their content or rules are full and always changing, giving players more ways to play or experience the game. All game modes will have their own reward systems, so players will want to switch between them for fun.


Players can have fun by inviting their friends to compete with them in challenges made just for competitions. The player’s overall strength is automatically rebalanced by these challenges, making it possible for everyone to take their brick-breaking skills to the next level. Every player’s real-time competition is also made better by the fact that the environment or atmosphere is always changing.

Monster Breaker Hero is a great mix of role-playing games and brick-breaking games. Above all, its gameplay and content are very relaxing, with a lot of entertainment potential to provide everyone with the best moments in the never-ending journey.

  • A new kind of brick-breaker game that combines RPG elements to take players to new heights on a beautiful journey
  • There are funny game modes with fun ideas to make players laugh and great rewards for finishing them.
  • a beautiful fantasy world with different biomes and levels where players can explore and have fun for hours on end.
  • There are a lot of epic heroes with different skills that you can collect and improve to make your offensive force stronger as you play.
  • Players compete against each other in secluded but fair arenas to see who is the best at breaking bricks.

Monster Breaker Hero Mod APK Feature

  • Unlimited Money


Q. How do I get Monster Breaker Hero MOD Apk’s premium features?

All of the premium features are already available for free in the updated version, so there is no need to pay extra money or collect money to use the premium features. They are already free for everyone to use.

Q. Does Monster Breaker Hero MOD Apk not have any viruses?

This game app has no harmful viruses or security problems, so you can download it and play it to the fullest without worrying about any viruses.



What's new

1. System improvements.
2. Bug fixes.

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