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MMX Hill Dash 2 is a FREE all terrain, off-road monster truck racing game with 100s of race challenges – get behind the wheel and buckle up for the most addictive & FUN physics based PVP driving game!
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Jun 28, 2023
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MMX Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk 15.10.13238 (Unlimited Money) for Android

MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 71 MB
Version 15.10.13238
Requires 4.0.3 and

In MMX: Hill Dash 2, you drive monster trucks off-road and face a number of challenges. In this game, players will get a number of upgrades that will help them get to the top. Like the last version, this game takes place on a landscape with a lot of sharp peaks and deep valleys. In the air, you can only speed up, slow down, or turn around by using the accelerator and brake.

The cars in MMX Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk are a mix of sports cars and Tarim cars, making it a unique off-road racing game. There are a lot of dangerous challenges in the game, and there are a lot of them. In MMX Hill Dash 2, you can race against your friends, and you can upgrade your car to make it faster and give it more power so you can win.

Game Information

In MMX Hill Dash 2, players can race on dangerous terrain, climb hills, jump, go through hoops, cross bridges, and go up and down ramps. You will also have the biggest trucks and drive through rough places like the tropics, canyons, and the arctic. So, you show that you are the best professional driver there is. The game has strange physics controls, exciting collisions, and difficult off-road gameplay.

In MMX Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk, you can change your truck’s tires and fuel up to give it more power on the tracks. In PVP mode, you can invite your friends to race with you to try to win the championship. Make a monster truck to crush your opponents, and improve it with different boost systems. They have great upgrades for their trucks and are trying to get to the top of the rankings. This crazy racing game, MMX Hill Dash 2, will test how well you can steer.

MMX Hill Dash 2 also has the biggest trucks and the most fun terrains, like Tropical, Canyon, and Arctic, where you can show off how good you are at steering. You can’t stop playing MMX Hill Dash 2 because it follows the rules of real-world physics, has exciting accident scenarios, and is fun to play as an obstacle course.

Use the coins you get from modes to improve all of your MMX trucks.

We’ve finally finished writing about all of the tracks and monster trucks in the MMX Hill Dash 2 game. And now we’re ready to talk about our favorite part of racing games for Android: the game modes. First, there is a mode called “Classic” or “Story,” in which you can complete many missions across more than 50 difficult levels.

You won’t be able to sleep for a second because these missions are so damn fun. After you finish the first five levels of the Classic mode, you can also play in the Arena, which is like the Adventure mode but without the story. There, you can play PvP games with random people from all over the world. Let’s try it out today! Use the link below to get it as soon as possible!

Download the game’s updated version and start having fun with premium

A “modified version” is either a “cracked” version or a “gaming module” that has the same interface but has all the premium features unlocked. We did the same thing with MMX Hill Dash 2 and created a modified version.We called it MMX Hill Dash 2 MOD APK.

This changed version is completely different. The interface is the same, but it has extra features that will make you change your mind. So, if you’re a fan and don’t want to fight your way through the difficult routes, you should get the MMX Hill Dash 2 MOD APK right away. This game will give you all of the following things in one place: Sounds great, doesn’t it?

MMX: Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk How do I play?

Men may dream of driving a Maserati sports car or a Mercedes-Benz on an endless road, but they will also want to try the heroic and wild personality of a heavy-duty car and use their skills to conquer all kinds of hard tracks. This dream might not be easy to achieve in real life, but it’s fine in mobile games. MMX Hill Dash 2 is a fun racing game for trucks that tests how well you can speed up and slow down. In this game, you have to keep the truck from falling over and exploding, and you have to keep it from falling over.

The game MMX Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk is played online. So, to play, you have to connect to the Internet. To start the competition, players click the arrow in the lower right corner to get a mini Bigfoot off-road vehicle. The rules are easy to follow. There are only two buttons for the brake (in the bottom left corner) and the gas (in the top right corner) (bottom right corner). The car’s body will spew fire when you press the accelerator. The car’s body will lean back if it is in the air. You have to put your foot on the brakes and let your body lean forward. To beat every skill track, you have to speed up and slow down.


There will also be gold coins on the course of the race. It can make the Bigfoot SUV better in ways like speed, grip, stability, and tilt. This is easier to use because it has these features. Also, you see a green crossbar on the left side of the screen. It shows the condition of the fuel. While the game is going on, the fuel will keep going down. And you will lose when the number goes back to 0. You shouldn’t drive too slowly because of this.

When we first started playing, we would often find ourselves in situations with no gas. There are some hard parts to this game. The Bigfoot off-road vehicle will always blow up as long as it is on its side. So it is a question of how to keep the body stable. When the race is over, it will tell you how many meters you ran and where you placed in the rankings.

In the upper left corner, you can choose a different level, but each level needs to be unlocked in a different way. The first level of the desert must be finished before you can move on to the second level. You can also pay dollars to buy it right away.The same is true for other off-road Bigfoot vehicles that will be unlocked when the conditions are met. You can also buy them for dollars. The fact that there are even tank options surprised the author. This game makes no sense.

Overall Assessments

The process is easy to understand. Players only need to use the buttons for speeding up and stopping. Also, if you speed up while the car is in the air, it will turn counterclockwise. and the brake will turn the car in the opposite direction. The game has a lot of obstacles. So, you can make some small adjustments while in the air to make sure the vehicle stays on the ground and keeps moving forward. The car will explode if anything other than the wheel touches the ground.

In the game, players have to beat a lot of different opponents on a lot of different levels. We don’t know if it is based on the data of these opponents or on real players. Anyway, these people come from all walks of life. About 1000 meters are on the first level. And if you run 134 meters, you can beat the first person. If you beat the fourth player, you’ll be able to move on to the second level.

The vehicle’s number setting is still very rigid. Even the best drivers can’t win a challenge if there aren’t enough chances to level up. So, players must improve their speed, stability, and other performance factors. Anywhere on the track, you can pick up points to use for upgrades. After each challenge, a certain part of the vehicle can be made better. Don’t forget to improve your performance often so you can get through the level faster.

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a good alternative.

Hill Climb Racing 2 Mod Apk is currently one of the most popular 2D graphics games in the world.It is easy to play and has a lot of different physics interactions. After the first version of Hill Climb Racing was downloaded more than 500 million times around the world, Fingersoft added many new and interesting features to Hill Climb Racing 2.

Hill Climb Racing 2 will still be played the same way as the first game. The player will use virtual keys to increase the gas and slow down the Jeep during the climbing stages. The player will still have to pay attention to when he or she is going up or downhill and set the speed of movement to match. If you don’t do that, the car will fall over.

Last Words

The off-road racing game MMX Hill Dash 2 Mod Apk is free to play. In MMX Hill Dash 2, you take control of the pit monster trucks and race them in over 100 difficult races. Hold on to the steering wheel and buckle up to experience the most real, addicting, and fun PVP racing game on mobile.

As the game goes on, more and more levels will be added. And the first cars are no longer enough to meet the demand. Use the gold coins you earn in the game to get access to more cars. and you will face more challenges. If the car at the beginning was like a truck, will you be shocked by how violent the game gets later on?



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