Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)


You are the Merge Mayor, and a world-building match puzzle adventure awaits!
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May 8, 2023
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Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk 3.12.399 (Unlimited Money)

APP INFO: Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 173 MB
Version v3.12.399
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game is a fun and challenging game for all ages. The goal of the game is to match up pairs of mayors from different cities around the world by their names, faces or other characteristics. Players must use logic and strategy in order to find matches quickly before time runs out! With over 500 levels available, Mayor Match Puzzle Game offers hours upon hours of entertainment as you progress through each level with increasing difficulty. As an added bonus, players can also compete against friends online via leaderboards which track high scores across multiple categories such as fastest completion times or most accurate matching attempts. So what are you waiting for? Download this exciting puzzle today and start your journey towards becoming mayormatching master!

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Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game is a fun and challenging puzzle game for all ages. The goal of the game is to match three or more mayors in order to clear them from the board. Players must use their strategic thinking skills as they try to create matches with different combinations of mayors, while also trying not to get stuck on any one mayor too long! As players progress through levels, new challenges are introduced such as special tiles that can be used strategically and obstacles like locked doors which require specific keys before being unlocked. With each level comes an increased difficulty making Mayor Match Puzzle Game both entertaining and stimulating at the same time! Additionally, there are various power-ups available throughout gameplay including bombs that help eliminate multiple pieces quickly; lightning bolts which allow you swap two adjacent pieces; magnets which attract nearby matching mayors together; plus many others providing unique ways for players solve puzzles faster than ever before!

Play With Fun this game?

Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game is a fun and exciting game that will keep you entertained for hours. The goal of the game is to match three or more tiles with similar images in order to create larger, higherscoring combinations. You can play alone against your own high score or challenge friends online by connecting through Facebook. With its colorful graphics and easy controls, Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Game offers an enjoyable experience for all ages! The gameplay consists of swiping across the screen to move pieces around until they form matches on either side of them; when this happens, those two pieces merge into one bigger piece which has a greater value than both individual ones combined. As you progress further in levels, new types of special items appear such as bombs which clear out entire rows at once making it easier (or harder!) To reach certain goals within each level‘s time limit requirement before running out moves altogether! Additionally there are daily challenges available where players compete globally against others who have also completed these tasks successfully during their days session adding even more replayability potential if desired too!

Key Feature

Puzzle Pieces:

Players will be presented with a variety of puzzle pieces that they must match together to complete the game’s objectives. The pieces can come in different shapes and sizes, making it more challenging for players as they progress through levels.

Mayor Matching Gameplay:

In this game, players are tasked with matching mayors from around the world by their names or pictures on each piece of the puzzle board before time runs out! As you move up levels, new puzzles become available featuring harder challenges such as multiple mayor matches at once or faster timer limits per level completion requirement .

Leaderboard System:

This feature allows users to compare scores against other competitors online and compete for high rankings within leaderboards based off total points earned throughout gameplay sessions over various difficulty settings (easy/medium/hard).

Power-Ups & Bonuses :

To help give an edge during difficult stages , power ups like extra time bonuses , bonus point multipliers etc., may also be used strategically when needed most ! These items can either be purchased using virtual currency collected while playing OR unlocked via special achievements completed successfully .

Customizable Difficulty Settings :

For those who want even greater challenge than what is offered in standard mode customizing your own difficulty setting could provide just that ! With options ranging from easy all way up too hard – gamers have full control over how much effort needs put into completing any given stage without having worry about being overwhelmed right away if not ready yet .

Unlockable Content Rewards :

Completing certain tasks / missions unlocks exclusive content rewards which range anywhere between additional characters skins , unique backgrounds themes plus many others goodies waiting discovered along journey ahead …

Multiplayer Mode Support :

Compete head-to-head versus friends family members alike across same device local network connection setup allowing everyone join fun anytime desired no matter where located physically speaking ..

Global Online Rankings Feature ;

Take part global competition see exactly how stack compared rest gaming community worldwide thanks integrated ranking system built directly into application itself giving realtime updates standings every few minutes so always know current position relative opponents near far distances apart …

What is Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk?

Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk is a puzzle game where players must match and merge different items to create new ones. The goal of the game is to build up your city by merging buildings, roads, parks and other structures in order to earn coins which can be used for upgrades or unlocking special features. Players will also need to complete various tasks such as collecting resources from their citizens or completing missions given by NPCs throughout the world. With its colorful graphics and easytolearn gameplay mechanics Merge Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk provides an enjoyable experience that anyone can enjoy!

Mod Feature

1. Puzzle Difficulty Adjustment: This feature will allow users to adjust the difficulty of puzzles they are presented with, allowing them to choose from a range of levels that best suits their skill level and interests.

2. Customizable Puzzles: Users can create custom puzzles by selecting images or text for each puzzle piece, as well as adjusting the size and shape of pieces in order to make more challenging combinations.

3. Leaderboard System: Players can compete against one another on leaderboards based on how quickly they complete different types of puzzles or challenges within Mayor Match Puzzle Mods game mode system; this encourages friendly competition between players while also providing an incentive for mastering difficult tasks faster than others!

4 .Multiplayer Mode : The multiplayer mode allows multiple people (up to four) play together online at once either cooperatively solving a single puzzle or competing headtohead in timed races where speed is key!


Puzzle Generation:

The game should generate puzzles of varying difficulty levels, with the ability to customize puzzle size and complexity for each level.

User Interface:

Players will interact with a user-friendly interface that allows them to select pieces from an array of images in order to complete their desired pattern or shape within the given time limit.

Game Mechanics & Scoring System:

A scoring system based on accuracy and speed is implemented so players can compete against one another while playing Mayor Match Puzzle Game Control; bonus points are awarded when completing difficult patterns quickly without mistakes.

Game Tips:

Look for Patterns:

When playing Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game, look out for patterns in the pieces and try to match them up accordingly. This will help you figure out which piece goes where faster than randomly trying different combinations of pieces until something works.

Take Your Time:

Don’t rush through a puzzle just because it looks easy or simple at first glance; take your time and think about each move before making it so that you don’t make any mistakes along the way!

Use Hints if Necessary:

If you find yourself stuck on a particular level, use hints provided by the game to get some assistance with figuring out how to solve it correctly without having to start over from scratch again!

Experiment With Different Combinations :

Try experimenting with different combinations of pieces when solving puzzles as this can often lead towards unexpected solutions that may not have been obvious initially but still work perfectly well within the context of what needs completing !

Pros and Cons


• Mayor Match Puzzle Game is a fun and engaging way to learn about local government.

• It encourages players to think critically as they try to match mayors with their cities.

• The game can be played solo or in groups, making it suitable for both individual play and group activities.


• Some of the questions may be too difficult for younger children who are just learning about local governments.

• There could potentially be some bias towards certain political parties depending on which mayors are included in the game.

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game is an excellent game with great graphics and sound. It features a unique match-3 puzzle mechanic that requires players to strategically place pieces on the board in order to create matches of three or more similar mayors. The goal is to clear all the tiles from each level before time runs out, while earning points for every successful move made along the way. With its vibrant visuals and catchy music, Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game provides hours of fun entertainment as you progress through increasingly challenging levels!

Last Words / Conclusion

The Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game was a great way to test my knowledge and skills. It challenged me in ways I never thought possible, while also teaching me new things about the world around us. The game gave me an opportunity to explore different cities from all over the globe and learn more about their unique cultures, histories, landmarks, people and places of interest. With each puzzle solved came a sense of accomplishment that made it even more enjoyable!

I am grateful for having had this experience as it has helped broaden my horizons by introducing me to so many wonderful locations across our planet Earth – something which would have been impossible without playing this fun yet educational game! As I look back on these last few weeks spent solving puzzles with friends or family members online or offline; one thing is certain: no matter how difficult some levels may be at times – there’s always room for improvement if you keep trying your best until you reach success!


Q1. How do I play Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game?

A1. To start playing, simply click on the game board to select two tiles with matching images and they will be removed from the board. Continue until all of the tiles have been matched!

Q2. What is my goal in this game?

A2: Your goal is to match as many pairs of pictures as you can before time runs out or there are no more matches left on the board!

Q3. Is there a way to get extra points while playing Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game?

A3: Yes if you make multiple matches at once (called combos), then your score multiplier increases for each additional pair that‘s cleared off in one move, giving you bonus points for every combo made during gameplay!

Q4 Are there any powerups available when playing Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game?

A4: Yes some levels offer special items like bombs which clear away entire rows or columns; lightning bolts which remove random pieces; clocks which add extra seconds onto your timer; and wildcards that act like jokers allowing them to match anything else on screen regardless of image type!

Q5 Can I replay levels after completing them in Mayor Match Puzzle Mod Apk Game ?

A5 :Yesyou can replay any level that you have previously completed in order to try and beaty our high score or just for fun !



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