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Jun 29, 2023
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Lords Mobile Mod Apk 2.107 (Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked)

APP INFO: Lords Mobile Mod Apk
MOD Features Auto Battle/VIP Unlocked
Category Mod Games
Size 72 MB
Version v2.107
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a freetoplay real time strategy mobile game by IGG (International Games Group). It combines the best elements from kingdom building, role playing and strategy games to create an immersive fantasy world. Collect resources, upgrade your city hall and recruit powerful heroes as you battle for power on the battlefield! Explore new lands with astral magic as well as fight in weekly events or join factions around your realm. Forge alliances with friends across borders while gearing up for epic wars against rivals all over the globe! Enjoy stunning 3D visuals of landscapes & characters alongside strategic RPG battles that can be enjoyed any hour of day or night Lords Mobile Mod Apk offers something enjoyable no matter what kind of gamer you are. Start exploring today build empires like none other before it!

Gameplay Overview

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a popular mobile strategy game that enables players to build empires and battle with other opponents from around the world. It combines strategic RPG elements like castle building, resource management, unit training and hero development with multiplayer realtime battles where up to 10 people can join in epic wars against one another or collaborate together to form alliances for larger competitions. Players must gather resources such as iron ore, gold coins, food etc., level up their heroes by engaging them in arena battles; establish traps across enemy territories amongst many more fastpaced war tactics necessary for victory! Lords Mobile also features special events every week which provide exclusive rewards while its various PVP tournaments keep players motivated and engaged even after theyve established strong foundations within the gaming universe. With vibrant graphics along adapted animated villains at your disposalThere‘s no time left but start laying siege towards new lands!
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Lords Mobile Mod Apk

Play With Fun this game?

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a strategic realtime simulation mobile game from IGG. The goal of this game involves building an impenetrable fortress and leading your own powerful army to battle with players around the world for domination in intense wars and alliances, as well as rival guilds. Players assume control over their kingdom by constructing unique buildings that produce resources such us gems and lumber supplies necessary for victorious battles against other cities or on the PvP battlefield arena; along with recruiting more than 50 different kinds of troops including dragons, knights, archers and barbarians! This ultimately leads towards increasing players score while unlocking additional levels where they can devote themselves into creating ultimate weapons powered up according to discovered technologies inside rare loot boxes that gives heroes special attributes essential during combat encounters. Furthermore you have also ability adjust strategies through formation setups providing greater flexibility if enemies makes sudden attacks before unsuspecting defenders even notices it coming!

Is a multiplayer game?

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a mobile strategy game developed by IGG. It‘s set in a feudal fantasy world where players take on the role of lords leading armies into battle to expand their kingdom and defeat other enemies. Players can build up their base, collect resources for upgrades through strategic quests or battles, recruit powerful heroes and create alliances with otherplayers to help ward off attacks from rival factions or even attack opponents outright using wellplanned tactics. Lords Mobile provides plenty of tools allowing users to customise different aspects such as constructing cities, researching technology upgrades while collecting rewards along the way which helps improve army strengthallowingfor total domination! Battles are fought out between multiplecartoonish characters controlled manually by each individual playerwith guidance given upon activationof special skillsknownasskill trees‘. The aim is topower your soldiers above conventionally misguided numberswhile utilizing clever squad positioninginorder toyour enemyinto submissionor easily dispatch them without too much effort requiredfromyour end.

Key Feature

1. Real-time Strategy: Team up with other players to form an unbeatable alliance and battle for control of a fantasy kingdom in dynamic realtime strategy battles!

2. Conquer Territories: Choose from dozens of regions to capture each one rewards you differently, so strategically select your next target wisely. Different types include questing grounds where heroes can go on special adventures, bountiful mines that yield resources like gems or ore perfect for crafting weapons and items even abandoned ruins full of ancient secrets ready to be uncovered!

3. Battle Graphic Novel Style Artwork Battles play out in unique graphic novel art style visuals inspired by the games comic book origin story as well as characters personalized styles; it is sure to thrill every time they jump into combat against enemies both online & offline alike!

4 .Build Armies : Assemble diverse armies ranging from trolls wielding powerful magic spells all way dragon riders flying high over enemy lines bringing their fiery justice upon foes below With Gameplay mechanics specifically designed around table top war gaming classics get ready deploy strategic tactics found nowhere else but Lords Mobile!.
5) Research Tech Tree Develop specially researched boosts such s increased armor fortresses which allows users create additional defensive points

What is Lords Mobile Mod Apk?

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is a modified version of the popular game, Lords Mobile Mod Apk. It offers an improved gameplay experience that includes access to all premium ingame content without needing to purchase any additional items or upgrades from inside the game store. The mod apk comes with unlimited coins and gems so you can progress much faster than other players who are playing using their regular accounts. Additionally, it has cheats built into its code which give you advantages over your opponents during battles as well as allowing you to unlock rare heroes and VIP levels at no extra cost. Furthermore, this hacked version also provides user support available 24/7 should there be any queries regarding technical problems or errors within the app itself

Mod Feature

  • Auto Battle
  • VIP Unlocked


RealTime Strategy:

The main mechanics of Lords Mobile Mod Apk are rooted in realtime strategy (RTS) elements; players must build up their forces, construct defensive structures and launch attacks on neighboring lands in order to gain resources and expand their territory. Kingdoms can also take part in weekly guild battles for even greater rewards!

Character Development:

Captivating characters complete an immersive gaming experience as you recruit various warriorseach with unique skillsetsto add strength to your army or explore dynamic class trees designed around different combat styles like ranged units, engineers or powerful Dragon Knights that devastate enemies at close range while supporting allies from a distance within the trenches of conflict!

RPG Elements & Crafting Systems :

Advancement systems allow deeper customization options such as crafting gear pieces with special abilities , training monsters through research centers which powerups talents specific creatures have access to ;increasing hero stats by teaming them up together during fast paced PVP action PvP actions adds additional layers onto classic role playing concepts used when exploring map locations filledwith goblins/witches etc .

Game Tips:

Utilize the AutoBattle Feature:

The autobattle feature allows players to set up their troops and formations before a battle, so they can focus on other tasks while still participating in battles. This is especially useful for large scale PvP or guild wars where there are multiple opponents attacking at once.

Upgrade Your Buildings Regularly:

Upgrading your buildings regularly will help you increase resource production as well as unlock new features such as research, training camps and more powerful units that require higher levels of resources to produce them effectively during combat situations . It also helps reduce construction time when building defensive structures like walls which can be crucial in protecting against enemy attacks from both human players and monsters alike!

Use Gems Wisely:

In Lords Mobile its important not only to use gems wisely but also strategically by using them for things like speeding up upgrades/research times instead of buying items with real money directly from the store; this way you get better value out of each gem spent since these boosts last longer than any item purchased would have done anyway!

Pros and Cons:


1. Strategic and tactical gameplay that requires skill to master.
2. Rich graphics with detailed characters, buildings, and environments.
3. A wide variety of content including quests, guilds, tournaments and more for players to explore as they progress through the game world at their own pace or competitively against others in PvP battles or events like Guild Wars 2v2s .
4. Social features such as chat rooms allow players to connect with each other while playing Lords Mobile together online from anywhere around the globe!


1) Paytowin elements can be a deterrent for some gamers who prefer not having an advantage over those without money invested into it; this could lead them away from enjoying what would otherwise be a great experience if all were on equal footing when competing against one another within its multiplayer aspects (PvP).
2) The sheer amount of microtransactions available may overwhelm newbies trying out the game especially since there are so many different items/packs being offered which makes choosing just one difficult! This also means spending real cash is necessary in order to get ahead faster than most people will naturally do by simply grinding alone something veteran mobile gamers might find offputting due lack of challenge presented here compared elsewhere where progression isn‘t tied directly monetary investment but rather time spent mastering mechanics & strategies instead

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is an exciting mobile game that offers players a unique and immersive gaming experience. The visuals of the game are stunning, with detailed 3D graphics and vibrant colors creating a visually appealing world to explore. Every character in Lords Mobile has been carefully designed to look realistic while also having their own distinct style which adds further depth to the overall atmosphere of the game.
The sound design for this title is equally impressive as it helps bring life into each scene by adding ambient music or other sounds depending on whats happening at any given moment within your virtual kingdom. This audio component really brings out all those small details you might have missed otherwise such as birds chirping when exploring forests or thunder rumbling during storms; making every adventure feel more alive than ever before!
On top of these great features, there‘s plenty else going on too like intense battles against enemy forces where both strategy & skill play important roles in determining who will be victorious so no matter how experienced (or inexperienced) someone may be they can still enjoy playing this fantastic title without feeling overwhelmed due its intuitive controls system coupled together with helpful tutorials available throughout gameplay sessions if needed!

Last Words / Conclusion

Lords Mobile Mod Apk is an excellent game that offers a great gaming experience with its impressive graphics and sound. The visuals are stunning, featuring detailed characters and environments as well as vibrant colors to bring the world of Lords Mobile Mod Apk to life. In addition, the audio design adds another layer of immersion by providing realistic sounds for combat effects such as swords clashing or arrows flying through the air. Players can also enjoy music from various genres while playing this exciting strategybased mobile title. With all these features combined together, its no wonder why so many players have become addicted to this captivating game!
Overall, Lords Mobile provides gamers with hours upon hours of entertainment thanks in part due to its fantastic graphics and sound quality which really help draw you into their immersive fantasy universe full of adventure and excitement around every corner! Whether you‘re looking for something casual or intense strategic gameplay then look no further than Lords Mobile it‘s sure not disappoint any fan out there who enjoys classic RPG elements mixed up with modern day technology on your phone device today!


Q1. How do I get gems in Lords Mobile?

A1. Gems are one of the most valuable resources in Lords Mobile Mod Apk and can be obtained by completing various tasks, such as daily quests or achievements, participating in events and tournaments, purchasing them with real money from the game store, or trading for them using other players guilds. You may also receive free gems through special offers that appear on your screen periodically throughout gameplay.

Q2 What is a hero scroll used for?

A2 Hero Scrolls are items you use to upgrade heroes stats permanently when they reach level 60 (max). They provide an additional boost to their attack power/defense rating which will help make your team stronger during battles against enemies! Additionally these scrolls come with extra bonuses like increased march speed & resource gathering rate so it‘s worth investing into upgrading all available heroes if possible!

Q3 Is there any way to increase my castle level quickly?

A3 Yes The best way to increase your Castle Level quickly is by building up Resource Production Buildings first before anything else; this includes Farms / Mines / Quarries etc Once those buildings have been upgraded sufficiently then start focusing on defensive structures like Walls & Towers followed lastly by militaryrelated upgrades such as Barracks



What's new

# New [Labyrinth Challenge] Event:
- Use Dazzling Stars to defeat Dark Monsters
- Use Labyrinth Badges (random drop) in the Labyrinth Challenge Shop to get items
- Compete with players from other Kingdoms (ranked based on the amount of Dazzling Stars spent)
# New [Astralite Bonus] Event: Get 3x more specialized Astralite from hunting Astra Monsters
# Redesigned Mall interface
# Giftaway adjustments: Several products outside the Mall will also offer Giftaways (marked with a Giftaway icon)

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