Flippy Knife Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money) v2.0.5


Flippy Knife Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money) + Mod – Download the Android knife throwing action game normal version + mod and hacked version
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Mar 20, 2023
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Flippy Knife Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money) v2.0.5 + Mod – Download the Android knife throwing action game normal version + mod and hacked version

Flippy Knife Mod Apk (Hack, Unlimited Money) – is an awesome action game where you have to throw knives in the forest. Become a knife master by using the best knives from around the world. Climb the trees and collect the treasure bags. Hit the targets and open the golden chest. Get ready for a fun adventure with Flippy Knife Mod Apk.

Game info

APP INFO: Flippy Knife Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Category Mod Games
Size 58 MB
Version v2.0.5
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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You can play with a variety of knives from all around the world with The Flippy Knife. From common variations like the butch knife and machete to rare ones like the kunai, pear AK, and AK tree, you have a variety of options.

Some of them are purchaseable using in-game coins. However, some types require viewing advertisements in order to access them, while others require daily attendance records.

The Flippy Knife is a great arcade game for killing time in general. You can perform knife stunts that you wouldn’t even dare attempt in real life because to it. For instance, throwing a Kanata’s AK and pear-shaped nose towards the target while juggling it.

Additionally, the game can be played without an internet connection. Therefore, it is a smart idea to pass the time while waiting for the bus or venturing outside in places where Wi-Fi is unavailable, 3G is blocked, and the phone signal is uncertain.

Features of the Flippy Knife

Flippy Knife’s gameplay is distinctive. There are various game modes with various difficulties that require the player toss the knife so that the tip stays to the wooden surface as it descends. For access to a new game mode, players must purchase a sufficient number of knives.

Flippy Knife is a somewhat entertaining game that simulates a realistic knife tossing game, with gameplay like that of Bottle Flipping. Flipping the knife to the appropriate targets allows the player to control it.

The hurdles in this game are numerous despite its simplicity. When playing this game, players must carefully consider their moves and, more importantly, exercise extreme patience.

You are also reminded of the awful bird Flappy Bird by the rhyme in the name Flippy Knife. The difficulty of this game is, as you probably already figured, on par with pulling the bird via the sewer.

Fun knife games may be found in Flippy Knife. Every game has a particular formula for determining points, and by playing differently but typically “sour,” you will have to fail countless times before you can finally make it past the game’s screen. The following are these games:

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Combo: The simplest game that can be described in just three words is “juggling knives.” A wooden foundation will support the knife. Before letting go, you must swipe up on the game to determine the direction and force of the throw based on the length of the interaction. The knife will rise, turn, and then drop. You will succeed once if it sticks the nose down the base. Failure occurs if the knife does not fly off the pedestal or plug the nose. You will be rewarded with some coins each time you succeed. Successive winning combinations can result in a sizable payout of up to several dozen coins.

BOOM: is a fun game mode where players must shatter the boards to set TNT bombs off. Since there are only three turns available, think carefully before launching the knife. The player can re-use the toss if the dagger is thrown correctly because it won’t disappear. Only if the player misses does the knife turn end.

Arcade: It’s a very spectacular knife-move. The knife will be launched from left to right like in the game “Angry Birds,” flying around and sticking its nose directly into the front pedestal.

Failure is defined as not plugging or flying off the platform. You can go on to the next pedestal by sticking your nose below the base. Occasionally, gifts will be put on the pedestal for you to hit in order to win them.

In this mode, players must navigate through hundreds of wooden planks that are all different heights while trying to gather as many coins as they can. Because he can restart at the spot where he last threw the knife, the player in this mode needn’t worry about losing.

Players must observe, align their angles, and throw forcefully. The player’s calmness and patience are the most crucial factors.

Climb: Use a knife to scale a height. To chase the drone and retrieve the coin, you will command the knife to launch to the wall’s sides. The wall will not be flat if the knife plugs its nose into it as if you have successfully ascended a step because it will have many changes and you will have to start over if you miss the tip.

Target: Knife throwing is a timeless sport. The more coins it hits in the middle, the further you must launch the blade before it plugs into the card. Imagine that the target was either missed or the nose did not enter the target. The coin reward box will fall for you to pick up if you hit repeatedly.

Because the Flippy Knife is boring, there are more wonderful things outside the aforementioned ways of play. You may play these games with a variety of knives in the game, each with a different style and shape. You will need to “plow” from the necessary knife in order to have money to purchase real knives because these knives will be sold for coins.

Try this 3D knife simulator game and enjoy knife throwing in nature! This game is a product of the Beresnev Games studio, which has been released for Android on the Google Play Store. You can always download the new version of the Flippy Knife Mod Apk game with a direct link on the Android Pass site.

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Different Knives to Choose

Players have access to over 35 different varieties of knives, swords, and axes. Size and weight will vary between each knife. In various game modes, players can easily switch up their blades.

A specific number of coins will be added to the player’s in-game account after finishing the daily quests. Additionally, players will receive coins corresponding to the value of each badge they complete in the collection.

Experience the most genuine emotion

Additionally, the Flippy Knife adds a novel element known as “knife physics.” The physical reproduction approach will be used in the creation of the knives. The blade will fly, turn, and stick its nose into the target differently depending on its weight, shape, and location. A tweezer will perform differently than a machete that is longer, heavier, and shaped differently when launched in the same direction and force.

The latest version of updates and updates of the knife throwing game will be available to you users immediately after the release, so that you can easily Flippy Knife Hack Apk install it on your Android mobile phone and tablet.

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Features of Flippy Knife Android game:

Realistic physics based knife simulator game
More than 35 world famous swords (knife, dagger, sword, axe), collect them all
Different places to play: camping, forest hut, tree hills, meadow, etc.
Control with one finger
Share and compete with friends to become the best player

And …

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Flippy Knife Mod Apk New version changes

This update will please you with:
– Improved game balance – making coins became easier!
– Major bugs fixed

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Graphics and Sound

Beautiful 3D graphics are used to create various knives and swords that are made to be very sharp and have a specific sheen on the blade. Bright colors are used to create the game’s look, which features animation that alternates between light and dark scenes.

When the TNT bomb is detonated in BUFFER mode, there is a huge explosion that destroys everything, leaving nothing but a heap of rubble.

The game’s background music is fairly calming, which makes the sounds of blades slicing through the air and dipping into wood more accurate. the BUM mode sound of a TNT bomb exploding! Players will experience a bomb attack thanks to the very realistic simulation. In ARCADE mode, the player will hear a very entertaining continuous complaint if they miss too frequently.

Mod Apk (Hacked) Version Required Blew:

Android Version Version numbers Version API level Version Release date
Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 – 4.0.4 14 – 15 October 18, 2011
Jelly Bean 4.1 – 4.3.1 16 – 18 July 9, 2012
KitKat 4.4 – 4.4.4 19 – 20 October 31, 2013
Lollipop 5.0 – 5.1.1 21- 22 November 12, 2014
Marshmallow 6.0 – 6.0.1 23 October 5, 2015
Nougat 7.0 24 August 22, 2016
Nougat 7.1.0 – 7.1.2 25 October 4, 2016
Oreo 8.0 26 August 21, 2017
Oreo 8.1 27 December 5, 2017
Pie 9.0 28 August 6, 2018
Android 10 10.0 29 September 3, 2019
Android 11 11 30 September 8, 2020

Final Thoughts

Throwing knives is enjoyable and demands players in a variety of ways, making Flippy Knife Mod APK regarded as fairly difficult for gamers. Players are also impressed by the game’s creation of a novel knife with unexpected designs. Become a knife master by joining the Flippy Knife right away!

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What's new

This update will please you with:
- Improved game balance - making coins became easier!
- Major bugs fix

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