Faily Rider Mod Apk 11.7 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)


Poor Phil Faily has had a lot of bad luck with cars... now he has a Motorbike!
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Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Mar 16, 2023
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Faily Rider Mod Apk 11.7 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked)

APP INFO: Faily Rider Mod Apk
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked
Category Mod Games
Size 86 MB
Version v11.7
Requires 4.0.3 and above
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Faily Rider Mod Apk is an exciting and thrilling game that will take you on a wild ride! You play as Phil Faily, who has been thrown off his bike in the middle of nowhere. Your goal is to help him navigate through treacherous terrain while avoiding obstacles such as trees, rocks and other vehicles. As you progress further into the levels, more difficult challenges await with even bigger rewards for success. With simple controls designed specifically for mobile devices like tablets or smartphones, anyone can jump right into this fun adventure full of surprises around every corner! So get ready to race your way across beautiful landscapes filled with danger it‘s time to become a true Faily Rider Mod Apk!
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Faily Rider Mod Apk

Gameplay Overview

Faily Rider Mod Apk is an exciting and thrilling endless runner game. Players take control of Phil Faily, a daredevil driver who must navigate through treacherous mountain roads while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, creeks and traffic. The goal is to travel as far down the road as possible without crashing or running out of fuel. Along the way players can collect coins which they can use to purchase upgrades for their vehicle in order to increase its speed, acceleration and handling capabilities. As you progress further into the game more challenging levels are unlocked with new hazards that require quick reflexes if you want survive! With stunning 3D graphics combined with intuitive controls this fastpaced adventure will keep gamers on edge throughout every ride!

Play With Fun this game?

Faily Rider Mod Apk is an exciting and fun game for all ages. It‘s a sidescrolling endless runner where you take control of Phil Faily, the daredevil driver who loves to speed through treacherous terrain! Your goal is to help him navigate his way down dangerous hills while avoiding obstacles like rocks, trees, creeks and more. You‘ll need quick reflexes as well as good timing in order to make it safely past each level without crashing or getting stuck on something along the way. The controls are simple just tilt your device left or right to steer around any obstacle that comes up ahead of you. As you progress further into the levels, they become increasingly difficult with faster speeds and even bigger challenges thrown at you every time! Collect coins throughout your journey which can be used later on in exchange for upgrades such as better vehicles or powerups that will give Phil extra boosts when needed most during those tight spots he finds himself in from timetotime! With its vibrant graphics and smooth gameplay mechanics, Faily Rider Mod Apk provides hours upon hours worth of entertainment no matter what age group plays it so why not join Phil today?

Key Feature

Intuitive Controls:

The game will feature intuitive controls that allow players to easily navigate their character and the environment with minimal effort.

Challenging Levels:

Players will be able to progress through a variety of levels, each offering unique challenges for them to overcome in order to reach the end goal.

Variety Of Characters:

Faily Rider Mod Apk Game offers an array of characters from which players can choose, allowing them more freedom when playing as they are not limited by one single avatar throughout their journey on wheels!

PowerUps & Bonuses :

As you play your way through this exciting adventure ,youll come across power ups and bonuses along the way that give you extra boosts or special abilities during gameplay .

Realistic Physics Engine :

The physics engine used in Faily Rider is realistic so it feels like riding a real bike ! This adds another layer of immersion into what already promises great fun times ahead !

Unique Environments :

Fairy rider takes place across multiple environments such as forests , deserts and mountains giving gamers plenty of different scenery while enjoying themselves on two wheels!

Online Leaderboards And Achievements System:

Compete against friends online via leader boards where achievements can also be earned depending upon how well you do within certain areas/levels etc

Multiplayer Mode:

For those who want even more intense competition there‘s always multiplayer mode available too where up 4 people

What is Faily Rider Mod Apk?

Faily Rider Mod Apk is an exciting and entertaining game developed by Spunge Games Pty Ltd. It allows the player to take control of a character called Phil Faily, who must navigate his way through treacherous terrain while avoiding obstacles such as rocks, trees and creeks. The aim of the game is for players to complete each level without crashing or falling off their vehicle. Players can collect coins along the way which will help them upgrade their vehicles with better parts like tires, engines etc., allowing them to reach higher levels faster than before! Additionally, there are powerups available that give temporary boosts in speed or invincibility from certain hazards on track making it even more fun! With its simple yet challenging gameplay mechanics combined with vibrant visuals and sound effects; Faily Rider Mod Apk provides hours upon hours of entertainment for all ages alike!

Mod Feature

  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked


Player Movement:

This feature will allow the player to move their character around on screen using a virtual joystick or buttons, allowing them to explore and interact with different elements in the game world.

Enemy AI System:

This system will control how enemies behave within the game environment by setting up rules for when they should attack, flee from danger, patrol an area etc., as well as providing feedback based on what actions are taken against them by players during gameplay sessions.

PowerUps & Collectibles :

Powerups can be placed throughout levels that give temporary boosts such as increased speed or invincibility while collectible items may provide permanent upgrades like extra lives or bonus points upon collection

Game Tips:


The best way to get better at Faily Rider Mod Apk is by practicing and getting used to the controls of your bike. Play as much as you can, so that you become familiar with how it handles in different situations.

Know Your Bike:

Get a feel for your vehicles capabilities and limitations before taking on more difficult levels or obstacles this will help keep you safe while playing!

Take It Slow:

Don‘t rush through each level; take time to look ahead and plan out your route carefully before attempting any jumps or stunts this will save precious seconds (and lives!) when racing against the clock!

Collect Coins & PowerUps :

Make sure to collect coins throughout each stage which can be used later on upgrades such as new bikes, helmets etc., also watch out for power ups like shields which provide temporary invincibility from crashes/obstacles during gameplay !

Game Pros and Cons


1. Fun and entertaining game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
2. Offers a variety of levels, challenges, and objectives to keep players engaged for hours on end.
3. Features colorful graphics with vibrant characters which make the experience more enjoyable overall .
4. Easy-to-learn controls allow even novice gamers to quickly pick up how to play the game without too much difficulty or frustration .


1) The in-app purchases may be necessary at times if you want access to certain features or items within the game faster than what is available through normal gameplay progression .
2) Some users have reported experiencing glitches while playing Faily Ride Mod Apk Game , such as sudden crashes during intense moments when they are about achieve something important within their current level/challenge..

Excellent Graphics And Sound

Faily Ride Mod Apk is a fun and exciting game with excellent graphics and sound. The visuals are vibrant, colorful, and detailed while the audio effects add to the atmosphere of speed as you race through various levels. You can also customize your car’s look by changing its color or adding decals for an extra personal touch. With multiple tracks available in different environments such as deserts, forests, cities etc., there’s plenty of variety on offer here that will keep you entertained for hours!

Last Words / Conclusion

Thank you for playing Faily Ride Mod Apk! We hope that you had a great time and enjoyed the experience. Whether it was your first or hundredth ride, we are grateful to have been part of your journey. Keep riding safe and remember: no matter how far down the road takes us, there’s always something new around every corner waiting to be discovered!


Q1. What is the Faily Ride game?

A1. Faily Ride Mod Apk is an endless runner mobile game developed by Spunge Games Pty Ltd where players take control of Phil, a hapless adventurer who must navigate his way through treacherous terrain while avoiding obstacles and hazards in order to survive as long as possible! Collect coins along your journey to unlock new characters and vehicles for even more funfilled adventures!

Q2. How do I play the Faily Ride Mod Apk Game?

A2. To start playing, simply tap on the screen anywhere with one finger or thumb at any time during gameplay to make Phil jump over obstacles such as rocks, logs etc., swipe left/right when prompted (to switch lanes) or tilt your device left/right (for certain vehicle types). You can also collect coins which are scattered throughout each level these will help you purchase upgrades & unlocks from within the store menu located inside ofThe Garage section of this app‘s main page once unlocked via completing levels successfully!

Q3 Is there a cost associated with downloading and playing this game?

A3 No The download itself is free however some additional content may be available for purchase using real money if desired but it isn‘t necessary in order to progress further into higher levels nor does it provide an advantage against other players online either so feel free not too worry about that aspect unless



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