This is your firefighter game. The new simulator game in the EMERGENCY series - download the rescue game EMERGENCY HQ now!
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Jun 6, 2023
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EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK 1.8.01 (Speed Up)

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Version v1.8.01
Requires Android 5.0
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EMERGENCY HQ MOD APK will show you a world where firefighters are super heroes. In the game, you’re not just a regular firefighter. Instead, you’re one of many with a ton of other superpowers and skills.

Explain what Emergency Headquarters is

fight to save and protect the people of the city.

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Your job is to take charge of a special firefighter, paramedic, or police officer who has superhuman abilities. He has not only done his main job of fighting fires but also saved animals, saved people’s lives, fought terrorism, and done a lot of other hard jobs. Well, if you’re interested, let’s find out more about how this strange tactical simulation role-playing game is played.


EMERGENCY HQ is a tactical simulation game as well as a role-playing game.But you are not a normal person; you are in charge of an emergency fire force. The main job is to handle emergencies in the city, which means managing a hardworking staff and high-tech vehicles. The key to winning this game is to be in the right place at the right time and do the right thing very quickly.

I don’t think it’s very reasonable to say that you will be in charge of the fire department. Manager of the Quick Response Force is what it should be called. Because you will have to lead all four quick response units at the same time, each of which has a different job and mission, Depending on the situation, these four forces will send the right number of people and vehicles to save the city’s residents. No matter what you do, you have to help people who need it and keep everyone safe, including your own staff.

You are in charge of the following four quick response units:

  • Fire Department firefighters
  • hospital medical staff
  • Engineer in charge of building for the Department of Construction
  • The self-defense officer for the police department

The units’ main jobs are also very different: Firefighters save people from fires, medical workers take care of everyone in the city’s health and injuries, civil engineers build facilities that make it easy for the Department to respond quickly and help other teams when they need to, and defensive police will protect the city from terrorists, attackers, or situations with weapons.

There are a lot of hard situations. Can your brain deal with them?

You are the boss of everything. People in the city will always tell you about things that need to be fixed right away. It will be up to you to decide which team needs to come and fix the problem right away. Sometimes, it’s not just one unit, but sometimes it’s two or three units at the same time. When this happens, they work quickly to finish the job. When this happens, the number of sent-out employees in each unit should also be taken into account in a reasonable way. Too many employees will waste time and money, and too few will be out of balance and unable to solve the problem.

For instance, when terrorists sneak into a city, set a building on fire, and take people hostage, To stop the worst-case scenario from happening, you will have to call the police, the ambulance, and the fire department.

And emergencies don’t always happen in the same place at the same time. But there can also be a lot of very painful things going on at the same time. They force you to use your resources wisely, make decisions about how to manage your people, and have very high potential. So that when it’s finished, neither the people nor the equipment, and especially not the people’s lives in the city, will have been harmed.

At the same time, as a senior manager, you have to make decisions that are just as hard: when to give new equipment to firefighters, how to connect pipeline faucets to public water poles in the city to make sure fires are put out as quickly as possible, when to add medical staff to avoid overcrowding but not go over the budget, when to build a new headquarters and give police more advanced guns…

During the game, many things happen that leave you speechless, so you don’t know who to send on missions. For example, who will set off a bomb with a timer? Policeman or engineer? Then, since the situation is so important, shouldn’t the others be saved before the bomb is taken away? … Overall, it’s quite a pain to deal with such a simple-looking game.


MOD feature


Download the APK and MOD for Emergency HQ for Android.

The game is so fun because it has so many idea-generating situations, beautiful pictures, and different forces that can be used in different ways. If you play this kind of strategy game, you will never get bored. Let’s train your reflexes! Are you ready to use Emergency Headquarters to change the weather?


Q: How can we get Emergency HQ Mod Apk for free?

You have to download the Emergency HQ Mod Apk because it is the only version of the game app that is completely free. In this game app, you don’t have to pay or buy anything.

Q: Is it safe to get Emergency HQ Hack Mod Apk?

Downloading Emergency HQ Hack Mod Apk is completely risk-free. This modified version of the game app won’t hurt your Android device, and it won’t slow down while you play.



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June 2023 content update!

Additional content for NBC Firefighters and Police Dogs:
- New missions
- New Support Missions
- New Competition tasks
- New achievements

Various bug fixes and improvements

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